"'Hate Crime' is actually more of a thriller than a social commentary. ...holds our attention and contains surprises right until the end. The ending of 'Hate Crime' raises complex moral issues that makes the movie more thought-provoking than we could possibly have expected." >>
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"I give Stovall credit for showing a side of gay life rarely shown on screen, and I applaud him for throwing a challenging and scrutinizing eye at justice. This is a complicated and thought-provoking work...worth watching and discussing." >>
Capone, Ain't It Cool News

"An intelligent, well-acted, tense drama that is challenging in its moral complexity. The overall arc of the film is breathtaking, not only as a passionate denunciation of homophobia, but as a call-to-arms for everyone else to do something about it. ...this film has something important to say. And it says it with passion."
Bruce Kirkland, Toronto Sun

"Hate Crime is at once hypnotic, deeply disturbing, emotionally devastating, and grandly cathartic. [It] needs to be seen and discussed." >>
David Alexander Nahmod, Bay Area Reporter

"You're sure to appreciate the emotional intelligence of some of the film's characters and the grace with which Stovall tells a moving, hypnotic, unforgettable story."
Greg Archer, PlanetOut

"A film that sticks with you long after its riveting final act. At its root, Hate Crime is a thriller … often edge of your seat, frequently shocking... a far better offering than most of what you find at your local Cineplex these days."
Ross von Metzke,

"The insidiousness of hate crimes inflicted on the GLBT community are dealt with in very human terms in Stovall’s movie." >>
Richard Knight, Jr., Windy City Times

"Tommy Stovall has done amazing work as a first-time filmmaker, drawing out extraordinary performances from his cast. 'Hate Crime' is gripping entertainment." >>
Neil Cohen, Echo Magazine

"First-time director Tommy Stovall stirs in enough plot twists to keep you guessing. When Hate Crime confounds expectations, it transcends the whodunit-of-the-week template." >>
Jorge Morales, The Village Voice

"The script constantly challenges us, never taking the easy way out. It’s clever, smart and engaging, and filled with surprise." >>
John Larsen, Ventura County Reporter

"A remarkable job for a first feature, blending genres seamlessly with very little overt political preaching. The actors Stovall’s script attracted attest to its power." >>
Steve Lawrence, Dallas Voice

"As the film unfolds into its second half with the audience expecting a typical whodunit/revenge thriller, Stovall surprises with a few pretty smart tricks taking his film a completely different route."
Gilbert Seah, Cinema Eye

"Strong acting and religious zeal make Hate Crime a cut above most similar looks into racism/prejudice."
Robert Waldman, Clubvibes Vancouver

LightShed 10
"I think this movie, more than any other I guess (even more than Bent), hits close to home because it's so contemporary. Way to start Tommy! I can't wait for your next flick."
Augusto Lima, Queer Beacon

"I absolutely recommend this film to all because it reveals an underbelly of experiences and hate that is not normally considered."
Candice Martin, Queer Ramblings

"Much like the masterpiece “Crash”, “Hate Crime” involves the horrible nature and after effects of crimes based on hatred and prejudice while episodically following an array of characters including the law officials attempting to make sense out of what happened."
Felix Vasquez, Jr., Film Threat

"A well-crafted thriller featuring a standout performance by Chad Donella as a young man oppressed by the anal retentive behavior of his father (Bruce Davison)."
John Esther, Pasadena Weekly

"Buoyed by a supporting cast that includes X-Men’s Bruce Davison and the excellent Cindy Pickett, Hate Crime is highly recommended to those who enjoy compelling dramas such as In The Bedroom"
Francois Dupraz, Juicy Stuff

"Stovall refrains from imposing any of the typical stereotypes that seem to plague gay men in most mainstream movies."
Mongoose, Haro Online

"Take the time to sit down and really watch the movie Hate Crime, you'll be so gripped by the film that you can't turn away."
Lisa Steinberg, Starry Constellation Magazine

"Davison is excellent, as usual, as the bigoted preacher, and Pickett has some powerful moments as the victim's mother."
Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

"'Hate Crime' manages some intriguing plot twists and a surprise ending that make the trip worthwile."
Washington Blade

"HATE CRIME smartly and thoughtfully contrasts people driven by vastly different motivations toward similar violent acts, twisting and turning its way toward a provocative conclusion worthy of serious debate."

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